Is Life Liken To A Bus

Life is liken to a bus ride. Some people just want to go some place and will use you to take them there and then change buses. Some want to see where you’re going, just out of curiosity and will hop on for a while. Some like the momentum your new bus brings until it loses its “wow”. Some are just along for the free ride. Some make the ride stressful. Some will make your bus better then get off at the next stop. But then Some will even try to flatten the tires and sabotage your journey if you don’t watch them. Some will help you maintain, fuel and when the time comes, get a new bus if needed. The bus makes stops. People will come and people will go. Make sure you notice the ones that are always there…Don’t get upset when people get off your bus. It just makes room for ones who will get in and stay with you. Fist bump the ones that leave and let them walk, they were good for where you were but not where you’re going. Life is too short to hold the bus up chasing down people that were never meant to ride your bus forever. Selah


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