Have you ever had a day that just wouldn’t end?? It would seem yesterday was that type of day for me. As I attempted to get home from Nashville,  by flying “a certain airline”😒 I was delayed, bumped then cancelled. I ended up at DFW with no flights out to Monroe until the next day, but I needed to get home before then. While waiting at DFW, I get a call that my dog was dead, (I know not that big a deal to some, but he was a good dog) so it was a long day. I ended up having to rent a vehicle at about midnight and drive home, (hopped up on skittles to keep me awake) getting in not too long before daylight. I said to myself wow, what a bad day. After making it safely home and sleeping a couple hours, I crawled out of my bed remembering the reason I was needing to get home in a timely manner. One of my dear friends had lost her sister, and the funeral services were that day. Also, while traveling home last night another one of my friends wives contacted me to tell me her husband, my friend had a heart attack. As I began to put my “long day” into perspective, we are always going to have long days. We will have unfortunate things happen to us, but there are people that are hurting far more than we are. Flight delays are nothing compared to funerals. Driving all night is nothing compared to your husband laying in a hospital room after suffering a heart attack. When we start looking at the needs of others, our issues don’t seem so large. I guess I say all this tonight to say look around you, in the midst of your “delays” maybe a friend needs your prayers or a simple text to say hey had you on my mind, how are you….. If you are having a  difficult time or going through a trying time, keep your head up and shoulders back. Nothing ever catches God off guard! If you’re not going through a trial right now, pray for your friends who are….


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