Bitter or Better

I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has sent text and phone calls and taken time out of your busy schedule to check on my family and myself over the past year…. I don’t want you to think that your kindness has gone unnoticed. There have been days that I would receive a text at my lowest that would encourage me, and honestly remind me that “you are not in this by yourself…”

2017 was challenging, in fact, the most challenging year I have experienced while in ministry… perhaps ever, to be completely honest.. I ended up having minor surgery that was no big deal at all, but during the testing I was told that I would be facing a major surgery that would have sidelined me for 6 months changed my lifestyle tremendously… check this out!! Today, I will not need this procedure now, God healed me..I’m still walking by faith in a couple of areas concerning this, BUT GOD!! 

Also during this same time period, My baby girl suddenly lost about 18% of her bodyweight, and through a battery of testing, she was diagnosed with a heart condition, that her doctor was quite honest and explained surgery was possible and most likely probable as the end result to repair her valve, but let me tell you about God’s goodness!! He touched her and she will not need surgery, in fact, in the doctors words… live, run, play and do any activity, any 10 year old girl can do… we still need continued prayer for a complete healing, but we know it’s coming! At this point we still have to go back to the doctor every few months to monitor things…But God!! 

then on top of all this My wife began hurting for several weeks and after an afternoon visit at the dr’s office he immediately put her in the hospital.. she had a ruptured gallbladder that required surgery, and could not wait because it had gotten so bad…but this is common and a very minor procedure, but the post surgery consultation turned in a different direction. The doctor came in the room where I was by myself, and said the gallbladder surgery was a good success and very needed. It was very bad rupture. I assumed at this moment that the conversation would be over, but he looked at me and said, I do have something else we need to discuss… We found a large mass on your wife’s liver… I immediately said, what do you think about it? He said, well I took a biopsy of it, so we will see what that says, but I am very concerned at this point.. he told me we would need to go to New Orleans or possibly Shreveport to a specialist to have this mass removed..

these words hit me pretty hard to say the least.. we waited and got the test results of the biopsy back, (it was a very long week) and they came back, get this, NOT cancerous, which was a miracle in itself, it even surprised the doctor…But God!! 

We are still having to go to the doctor to monitor this tumor on my wife’s liver, and still have a good possibility of surgery this fall, according to what we have been told, but I believe that if the Lord can do all of the other things for us, they are going to continue testing and determine that the tumor has completely removed and is gone, and my daughter will have a complete healing! But God!! 

During all of this we also faced some trials and we were emotionally hit as hard as we were being hit physically through sickness. You know how it goes, life just happens all at once sometimes..

but let me say through every challenge of my life and your life, there is an opportunity to grow deeper in your faith with God or there is an opportunity to become bitter and let your attitude and outlook take you away from your faith in God.

I found it was very important in this last season, to not take my eyes off the prize! That prize you may ask, or assume it was our physical healing…it wasn’t; The prize was and still is Christ!! You see I’ve learned no matter what you’re going through if you keep your eyes on him, and as the Bible says in psalms 121 I will look up… My help comes from the Lord… 

so, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our friends and family at Grace Pointe, and all of our friends around the world who have sent many text, and many encouraging letters, phone calls, and even coming to stay with us to help us through this last season (and help me take care of my sweet wife, I’m not much of a nurturer, although I try) so look no matter what you are facing today, I promise you can make it through! Don’t give up, don’t give in, victory is coming!! 


4 thoughts on “Bitter or Better

  1. Goodness PJ, I needed this too! Know I have been away from the flock but don’t count me out! I love u and sis tiff with all my heart!!!! Coolest pastor and First Lady / friends EVER! But God🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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