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I was speaking to a Pastor this morning who has recently resigned (a large church) and he is now working a secular job, because he just decided the struggle of the moment was to hard to bear…. the shortest version is….this certain group of about 6 people jumped the gun, and judged him to be a liar and dishonest; (wounded and emotional, he stepped down..let me say, never make a decision when something first shows up… breath, pray and stand before you move) 

this group began to meet with others privately without this mans knowledge, and when they finally came to him, they had him tried and found him guilty in their pathetic little, on the phone kangaroo court. Now months later ALL of the truth has come out, and they have judged this man wrongly… he is definitely not perfect (which of us are) but he is now out of the ministry God anointed him for…. check this, of the ones who were a part of the group of 6, this pastor was responsible for their son getting off of drugs, and now this son is about to graduate from college (he met with them countless hours, hours that wasn’t during business hours, taking him away from his family) another had a marriage restored and yet another he wrote a letter to get one of these their dream job (which they still have)…. 

A few weeks back I learned that a friend of mine who has been in the Army for 11 years has also just gone through a similar situation. He was even reprimanded by his supervisor and commander. When all the dust settled, it was found that he did nothing wrong and has been cleared, but the problem is people don’t share as quickly when someone is exonerated as when they are accused; it’s human nature to share the pain in someone’s life, but we are not as quick to share it when the pain turns around. If you do not believe this just turn the news on…. maybe it can be explained like this…Take a feather pillow and cut it open, then drive around town shaking out several of the feathers here in there on a windy day; When the pillow is empty, drive back around town and try to pick up all of the feathers that you dropped out and put them back in the pillow. It’s impossible to recover all the feathers and put them back. The only way to ensure all of the feathers is to NEVER cut the pillow in the first place. I’m praying my friend in the military doesn’t make a permanent decision because of a temporary situation…. I’m praying for my pastor friend and his family as well… he has a wife and 4 children…

I’m not saying to ignore wrong doing, but what about learning ALL the facts first, (if it’s even our business anyway) whatever happened to standing with those who have always stood with you…or at the very least, don’t promote and hold private jury sessions, and certainly we shouldn’t repeat negative information. (even if it’s true)…. in every area of life, be careful when you know only partial truths about a situation, a marriage, a disagreement, a decision (even if you THINK you have the facts, you probably never do) and then you begin determining who is right and who is wrong…remember, everyone tells “their” side and their version of the story… I don’t even have to get into the biblical instruction on standing against God’s anointed or being on the wrong side of justice and then not making it right… why can’t we just be NICE!!! If it’s not your monkey, it’s not your circus…

Even if it’s more work to believe the good about someone, shouldn’t we work a little harder… now, I know not every story or situation will be turned around… People will do wrong, and people in leadership will make bad decisions and fail you… not every situation will end with the happily ever after, but we don’t have to be part of the drama that causes more hurt. Let’s be better, let’s love people better. I promise I’m ending with this…. at Fort Dix New Jersey, our graduation run was long, hot and fast!! Here was the catch, if everyone did not finish the race, we all failed… maybe instead of running on and leaving the hurt and wounded laying on the side of the road, let’s help them back to their feet….cheer them on as they run this race beside us. Let’s finish this race, let’s finish this race together! Find someone today that you know who is hurting and try to restore them and ease their pain.


One thought on “Did you hear about..

  1. That is so wise. On a smaller scale, as a lawyer, I often have drafted pleadings at 2am. Here’s the thing, i NEVER file them without reading them first! It’s amazing what seemed like a good idea at 3am as opposed to 9am! Wisdom is always to study a situation first – if it’s even our business- and then ask God how we should proceed. He will always advise us! Great words Pastor!!

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