2 am talks..

It was 1997, I was in the USAF, stationed state side, and my mom came to visit me for a few days (I was her favorite child, my siblings know this deep down:) we stayed up one night till nearly 2 am talking about all sorts of things. How to honor people who pour into your life, how to treat people who do you badly, how to make jalapeño cornbread dressing 🙌🏽 what ministry has meant to her and so on… she left the next day while I was at work, and when I got home that evening she had left me a note, really a list, here is what she had written… her dressing recipe, to be sure your bathroom is clean because most of your company will see that part of your house 🤔 love when you don’t feel like it, Jesus is coming soon you better know that you’re ready, and when you’re making a decision on giving up on someone because of a wrong you think they’ve done to you, make a list of all they have done FOR you (actually write it down) include everything you can possibly think of from buying your coffee every time, to spotting you a few dollars till payday, sitting through funerals with you when it cost them to be there, defending you when you’re not there, forgiving you your mistakes, getting you or giving you a job when no one else would, telling you, you look better in blue than red:)… then right beside all of that list the reasons you’re frustrated with them to make a comparison, see which is the longer list before you use “a” moment to nullify the many moments…she wrote, too many marriages/ relationships end because of 10% bad in the relationship when they are walking away from 90% good in the relationship. The last thing she said was pray every night before bed and call your dad more, let him know you appreciate him; he seems like it doesn’t matter but John Wesley, it does. Honor your dad every chance you get… I was blessed with amazing parents, not perfect but 90% perfect at least… last thoughts, take lots of pictures, the only ones you will regret are the ones you didn’t take, and never ever throw notes away like the one I just shared; one day they will be priceless.


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