Deep wounds will heal as well

I just spoke to a resigning pastor a few weeks ago who is going back into the secular work force (going in to sales which so many do)… and I’m taking about from a very very successful church!!
he said he couldn’t continue to put his family through what they have had to endure… he further stated, “just because I didn’t get a chance to tell my side of the story doesn’t mean I dont have one. I chose to stay silent for the sake of peace. I have given my all to these very people for 10 years, provided for them when my family and I had to literally do without because of it, but I felt it was the right thing to do… i gave them money for food, medicine and rent only to have them accuse me of taking from the church or making too much money. I have forgiven and even covered up their failures, only to have them walk out and some without even as much as a goodbye, or some who have stayed around just to make themselves appear right or just…. Some even told information about me (that is not flattering) that I had asked them to help me pray about; they were my accountability partner. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made mistakes, but all I ask was the same mercy I gave them and their children. I left my family and home all hours of the night and day to help them with their marriage difficulties, and most of them I was able (with Gods help) to see them restored; It’s like they don’t even remember I was there for them at their darkest. Where are they for me? I pulled them out of their darkest, they pushed me into mine…”
as you can imagine after our conversation, I was so broken hearted for he and his family.
I prayed with him at the end of our conversation, and he told me his marriage may not recover from the strain the last 10 years had put on it… he has 3 children from elementary to college age. His oldest refuses to go to church, said he’s had enough church…. I wasn’t sure how to help so he agreed to talk to a mutual friend, one of my mentors and spiritual fathers.. he called him to encourage him and his relationship with God, His response was, “God never was the problem bishop, it’s his people…”
I would never share my friends name (we aren’t connected to the same circle so stop guessing) and I have really thought about writing this or not, but I feel like I needed to… (he is no longer on social media anyway because of the passive and aggressive drama he has encountered online)
And to any pastor, wife, son or daughter who may read this and you feel alone, abandoned or broken, it might not mean that much, but I’m praying for you; in fact there are most likely several praying for you that you don’t even realize. Don’t give up! Not now, not ever! If you are out of church, go back this Sunday; go for the simple and true reason, to honor and worship the Lord. There are good AND “bad” people in every walk of life. Some of the greatest people I know are church folk. I worked at K-mart and we had so much drama, people talking about people and doing people wrong…I was in the military and we had so much drama, people talking about people and doing people wrong…I was in college and we had so much drama, people talking about people and doing people wrong… what I want you to see is this is just a part of life. Don’t let your mind or your adversary trick you into thinking hurts only occur in religious settings. Psalms 147:3 He heals the broken-hearted and tends to their wounds
…near the broken-hearted….
Maybe we could all take inventory of our actions to make sure we don’t cause someone to be broken and even give up. The truth is we are going to stand before the Lord one day and we can’t just crush people and wound people with our words and it not be recorded by God. When the Bible list all that would be judged with eternal death it lists murderers right beside people who killed with their words…
so lift someone up today. If you get brought into a conversation that is negative about someone, take up for that person. If you walk into a conversation that is bashing another person, I dare you to walk right up to them and say, but you know what they sure are hard working or some kind of positive thing. There is enough negative around, and enough tearing down, let’s build people and pick them up when they’re down. My dad once told me, anyone who will listen to you talk bad about someone is probably talking bad about you as soon as you walk away. I’ve also learned not to allow someone to make me think negatively about someone that I know very well and have known for a long time and I KNOW their integrity. If it’s hard to believe what someone is telling you about your friend or pastor or boss that you know really well, maybe you shouldn’t believe it. Maybe it’s at this very moment your friend needs you to stand up for them like they have you. If this very long post upsets you or ruffles your feathers, it’s probably for you. If it has broken your heart and causes you to pray for your brother or sister, it’s for you. If it makes you take inventory of your life, it’s for you. 1 Peter 4:8 says, Love covers a multitude of sin.. if you’re that PK, I get you, just don’t give up on God because of something he had nothing to do with…
father I ask you bring peace to them and let them know that just because it’s bad today doesn’t mean it will be bad tomorrow…in Jesus name..


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