Know His Voice

When I was in basic training, we were standing in formation waiting on everyone to finish their 60 second breakfast, and it was common for our drill instructor to come walking up about 100 yards away and yell, “flight, attention”…. even in the midst of several flights, we knew our instructor…we knew his voice and learned to respond to it. On this certain day we heard his voice from way off, flight, attention!! The only problem was it was not our drill instructors voice, but someone who could mimic him really well. We got in a lot of trouble and raised the sea level that day (push ups till we hurt) simply because we responded to the wrong voice. And likewise, I am afraid there are many people who think they are hearing “the Lord speak” to them but the voice isn’t Gods… be careful that you don’t step out of the will of God by listening to the wrong voice… remember when you say, “I’m hearing God” there are some absolutes:
1. It will always line up with His word (bible) if it doesn’t, it’s not HIS voice…
2. It will never lead you back into bondage..
3. It will never take you out of the place of His will!!
Sometimes as believers, I think we hide behind our desire to do something by saying, “I heard God”… this was just in my heart today… don’t get in a bad place by listening to your voice or your adversaries voice. I’ve learned we are most vulnerable to “hearing the wrong voice” just after a disheartening encounter or on the heals of a great victory… and lastly God’s will for your life doesn’t change simply because you had a falling out with someone or even you failed Him…He doesn’t change His mind. (Contrary to popular church folk opinion)
John 10:27 my sheep know my voice..


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