United we Stand

The United States of America is to me…the greatest nation in this world, even with it’s woes and problems. Our flag should be a uniting symbol  of Americans!! A moment that we can as Americans say, I know we have disagreements and problems that have to be fixed, but we are ALL, rather black, white, red, yellow or blue, we are all “One Nation under God…..” I understand the need some feel to protest equality or injustice, but let’s not during a moment that all of our disagreements should cease, while we are unified and united as brothers and sisters around the flag. If our flag wasn’t an important statement or symbol, it wouldn’t be draped over the coffin of a soldier who comes home after sacrificing their life for this great country. I know some say they are not disrespecting our military when they do not respect the flag, but I can tell you as a veteran, nearly all that have served and are serving take it as a poke in the heart. Until you have stood at attention while saluting a flag covering your friend that just gave up his life for this great nation, it’s hard to explain how it truly makes you feel. I can’t make everyone honor and respect our flag, but I can certainly tell you that my family and my children are honored to stop when our national anthem plays, face the Flag and place our hand upon our heart. I know my voice isn’t large enough to reach everyone, but I can reach someone. We need unity!! And yes, we can still have disagreements yet be in unity. Ray Goodson (a WWII veteran and hero) taught me that you can disagree but do it agreeably. The truth is, I know America cannot be healed by holding hands around a raised flag, but we can certainly respect the flag while standing UNITED as Americans and still our voices can be heard, AND we can listen to the voices that are speaking, without drawing a rigid line of division… honestly the only thing that’s going to heal our nation is #2c714 I ask that you please do not put any dividing or argumentative statements on this post. This isn’t necessarily about the protest that are taking place before #NFL games; it’s about anytime we have the opportunity to stand united as a nation, around our flag, we should do so with pride in our heart knowing that our nation is not perfect but it is the best nation in this old world… to all of my friends from Canada, Africa, Mexico, India, Uruguay and England… Don’t be mad at me you know I bleed red, white and blue!  The last thing I will say is a quote from one of our great Presidents, united we stand divided we fall…


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