WW2 hero

I remember when I was about 12 years old, I was spending a couple of weeks with my grandparents at their home in the country (Hebert, La) One specific morning we got up and had a huge breakfast as usual, but on this morning my granddad (JD Parker) kept looking out the front door as though he was expecting company (which we didn’t often happen so far out on the Boeuf River) . It wasn’t very long that I realized he was Looking for and expecting company. As I looked out the door I saw an elderly gentleman getting out of a very nice vehicle and began almost jogging towards my granddad, and when they met face-to-face, I will never forget seeing this man hug my granddad for what seemed like a solid minute. He kept saying “thank you, thank you, thank you…After all of these years I finally found you….. I just wanted to come say thank you….” My granddad very casually says you’re welcome. As I sat in the dining room just off of the living room and eased dropped on the private conversation, I soon found out why he was thanking my granddad. They were both serving in World War II and my granddad’s unit, along with the gentleman that came to see him, was pinned down by enemy fire, and they had to have someone that would go for help because their radio had been destroyed. My granddad volunteered and went through enemy lines (rather sneaking or fighting I do not know) that day to get help and save his #brothersinarms from certain death, and this gentleman had been searching for my granddad ever since just to thank him. I also learned at that moment that my granddad received the medal of valor and a Purple Heart. I will never forget that moment. Well today my aunt (Judy Evans) gave me the flag that was given at my Grandads funeral, and my sweet wife @tiffanyjones73 placed it in a shadowbox for me. I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed with emotion. As a #veteran myself it seems to mean a little more!! #mycountry #myflag #ww2veterans52366468113__A89CC0E0-A425-40A8-B3F7-CF7C76EB2C44.JPG


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