Broken crayons still write

broken crayons still color… when my daughter was about 3-4 years old, she was coloring in the floor when all of a sudden she began sobbing uncontrollably. I asked her, what’s wrong baby girl? Her response was barely understandable…it’s broke it’s broke. She had pressed too hard and broke her (pink) crayon in half, and with tears running down her face she was holding one half in each hand and looking at me only the way a daughter with hurt feelings can look at a father. I got down on the floor with her and said baby just because it’s broken doesn’t mean it’s no good. I grabbed a fresh piece of paper (so I would not ruin her masterpiece) and wrote her name and then colored in the vowels…. I then said to her, see baby broken crayons still color, now you have one and I have one.
You know much like this experience, life can put so much pressure on you that it can break you, but I want you to know that broken crayons still write. You still have value and usefulness. Don’t let your brokenness keep you in the box. Color through your brokenness because much like when my daughter thought her broken crayon was a tragedy, it provided double the usefulness, one for her one for me… broken crayons still write…


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