Guard Your Legacy

When your adversary can’t get your favor,  he will come after your legacy!!  You determine your heritage in the present….

I once planted cucumbers I’m my garden (yes I have planted a few gardens in my time…. I had an amazing tractor named hank….yet I digress) and I took great care in the cultivation and fertilization of my cucumbers… but while I took great care in the planting and nurturing of their growth, I didn’t take notice that there was squash growing right next to them…. the squash got intermingled during pollination and ruined the legacy of my cucumbers.  Let me briefly explain, Ray Goodson ( One of the greatest men to ever live) told me that you protect the legacy of your vegetable/fruit by drying your seed and using them year after year… I was so busy worrying about the PRESENT growth, that I did not notice what was right next to them, and because of this, the legacy, the heritage of my cucumbers ended..  I use this analogy to remind you that you can be very vigorous in watching over your children, your faith, your marriage or your vegetables growth that you allow what’s next to them to ruin what they could have been!!

Be careful what you allow yourself to grow next to….‬ “..evil communication corrupts good manners” or like my mom said it, birds of a feather flock together… you determine your heritage today…. Guard Your Legacy.


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