Save or walk away…

……. I was walking one day when I heard the muffled barks of a dog (maybe two)… When I walked towards the sound I came upon a couple of old, skinny, starving dogs; they were drowning in a hole they they themselves had dug, and could not get out (and then it began to rain)…. I didn’t even think about it, I reached in and saved them. I gave them the food that I had, and while they were recovering I was rubbing their head and petting them (I’ve heard these type of dogs will bite…but they looked so  friendly) they got to their feet and ate the food and then all of a sudden for no obvious reason they both began attacking me. I got away thankfully with only a few minor wounds…… some have told me I should have left them where they were and let them drown, because they dug the hole themselves AND they bit me. After some thought, If I had it to do all over again I would absolutely save and feed those old dogs. I’ve learned my mistake was not in saving and feeding them, but in staying around to pet a dog that bites.  In some cases you should reach in, pull them out, even feed them but then get clear so they can go their way, because a biting dog is going to bite you no matter how good you are to it. Who knows maybe the old dogs will not bite and just maybe they will be your most loyal companions…🐾


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