Thin Blue Line

Every day a law-enforcement officer gets up, puts on their uniform and performs their duties. Their duties range between the spectrum of protecting and serving. Now this sounds like a simple enough task, but each officer has to determine when it is time to serve and when it is time to protect.

There are certainly some that make bad decisions; even some who are themselves bad people, but the other 99.9% willingly put their lives on the line every single day. My family has been involved in LE for well over 20 years; so I understand the stress that they go through on a daily basis.

Sure, most of the interaction the general public have with LE is traffic violations or some other “daily enforcement” type of protection that we certainly do not enjoy. But the fact is they are there protecting lives even when they stop me for speeding. (Over 40,000 will die this year from vehicle crashes)

So when we become frustrated with them for doing their job, remember their job also consist of, when a maniac wielding a gun shows up, they will with great courage and valor, stand between you and the crazy with the weapon. While we run from the danger they run towards the danger.

Just this morning, in my home town, we had officers shot while doing their daily job. (Please stop and pray for them and their families) My brother/my best friend H.R. Lowery, got up this morning, put on his uniform (as he has for over 20 years) and in doing so he made you a promise and he made me a promise, that if his life is needed, he will lay it down in the protection of our community.

Law-enforcement officers should not be targets of hatred and bias or political whipping “dogs”, they should be honored, thanked and prayed for daily. Take a moment each morning and pray for your LE officers. Pray for their safety, and pray for them to have wisdom.

God bless our great nation and those who protect it.


One thought on “Thin Blue Line

  1. Very well said pastor! I pray for our law enforcement daily! My brother has been with the MPD for many years now! I know first hand what it’s like to have your love ones putting their lives on the line for all of us. I pray for these families. Thank you for being who you are and praying for our community. 🙏💙


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