Myth Busters

I’m so thankful for the men and women of God who have been a solid rock in my life. No matter what tragedy I might have been facing, they were there for me and very emotionally strong. It wasn’t until I began pastoring [although I am a pastor’s son] that I realized that pastors have feelings too. Oh, I have seen my parents wounded and hurting, but it was a bit surreal because I was a kid. So many times we forget that although they are the shepherds the Lord has placed over us, they also have feelings and emotions the same as anyone else. They are so strong emotionally for us in our times of loss, grief and suffering that we sometimes forget when they are preaching the funerals of our family members and church members, that they are also burying some of their closest friends. Yet they console us during our emotional outcries, but they can make none nor shed a tear. Why? Because we expect them to be completely involved in our crisis, yet somehow distant from it.

When our children make a mistake, they are so quick to come alongside us to defend our family and declare mercy, but when their children make the same mistakes, we hold them to higher standards and declare judgment. We say things like, “After all, he is the pastor and should be above reproach.” When we are home on a Sunday with an illness, he is in the pulpit and at times in extreme pain. Yet we expect him to hit a homerun and if he does not hit a homerun with his sermon, he must not have prayed enough this week.

He trains up young men and women into full-time ministry, and pours everything he knows and has into making them successful, only for them to move on to bigger and better things. He is happy for them, but at the same time, sad. Your pastor is expected to never make a mistake. The only problem with that scenario is that he is as human as anyone else and is scrutinized on a daily basis. So, I say all of this today, not to give pastors an excuse to be unprepared on Sunday mornings or emotionally unavailable for you during your crisis, but to remind everyone that although they are called and anointed of God, they are still as much human as anyone else. Pray for your pastor and his family daily. Our adversary likes nothing better than to see division in the church and a wounded shepherd. I have also learned most problems between pastors and laity are simply misunderstandings.

P.S. Communication is the best remedy for church problems.

JW Jones

Lead Pastor


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